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Save money by implementing GPS monitoring

Practice has shown that the installation of monitoring devices on the car, improve the economic performance of the organization, which activities it would not lead.

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Fuel economy at the enterprise


Savings on depreciation costs of the fleet


Savings achieved through the proper transportation of products and goods


The savings are achieved by lowering the cost of mobile communications

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The principle of our monitoring system

The «FREETRACK» team has vast experience in advancing GPS monitoring in the Ukrainian market. We do not offer to buy equipment from us, we offer an effective tool that will allow you, once and for all, to solve a whole chain of problems associated with fleet management.

On-board equipment – this is, first and foremost, a GPS tracker – a device for receiving and transmitting data within the scope of satellite control of an object. The main functional elements of the tracker are the GPS receiver, which uses the global navigation system (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou) to determine the geographic coordinates of the car, and the GSM transmitter that transmits the received information to the server (or smartphone) via GPRS and SMS channels. In addition, this gadget is equipped with a backup battery, a memory card, antennas and other functionality (depending on the customer’s request). Also, here are peripheral equipment, such as fuel consumption sensors, temperature sensors, anti-theft systems, and more, which connect directly to the zip-module

Software designed to process the data received from on-board devices and transform them into a format acceptable to the client. Thanks to this, the user of the system GPS monitoring has the ability to online track the location and route of the object on an electronic map, receive fuel consumption, speed, ride style, stopping points, place and time of refueling, read data from the on-board computer and many another. (The whole complex of information is available not only in real-time but also post-factum, that is stored on the server). It should be emphasized that «FREETRACK» service works on software of its own development, which was created specifically for the needs of the Ukrainian market, taking into account all its specifics.

In accordance with the tasks assigned by the customer, we select the equipment with the necessary functional, at the highly professional level we carry our installation and connect the vehicles to our service and during the cooperation we provide a full range of related services.

Satellite monitoring provides opportunities:

  • It is entirely possible to track the route of the vehicle, taking into account all nuances, such as speed, place and time of stops, driving style, etc. (while preventing the driver from “correcting” the route for their own purposes).
  • Remotely monitor fuel consumption, time, place and volume of fueling, and most importantly, completely eliminate the problem of unauthorized “drain” by drivers and other unauthorized persons.
  • Ensure reliable cargo integrity check.
  • Strengthen the labor discipline of drivers and other staff.
  • Detail the situation in the event of an accident, accident or other crisis situations and further legal solution to them.
  • To form complex information arrays or specialized reports to optimize the transportation process in particular and business processes in general.
  • Reduce fuel and lubricant costs, reduce amortization losses, avoid abuse and mistakes by staff, and increase the company’s profitability.

FreeTrack’s GPS monitoring system is an adequate solution in the current market of logistics and transportation, it is a worthy response to the growing safety requirements in the transport sector, a reliable basis for the competitiveness and business efficiency. Moreover, the cost of implementation of GPS-control, according to general statistics, will pay off in one season.