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COMPUTERINFO AND MODERN TECHNOLOGIES provides services for implementation and support of GPS monitoring FREETRACK in Ukraine and abroad. In 2004, we began actively to develop the system and from that time FREETRACK has made significant progress in the direction of satellite monitoring of transport. Over the years of experience in the market of GPS monitoring we have developed and implemented our own software, which takes into account the wishes of customers.  The server component can serve multiple thousands of units of transport. Information about the vehicles the Client is stored for half a  year that gives the opportunity to carry out a retrospective analysis of transport.

Every day  GPS monitoring is becoming more widespread, which, in turn, resembles the evolution of computer equipment and mobile phones. Due to the development of satellite networks and the tracking of objects, the corresponding technology is quite affordable and financially acceptable for companies involved in transportation, logistics and other activities related to the operation of vehicles, and for some individuals.

At the request of customers, we are constantly expanding the possibilities of the software system. In the current system of GPS monitoring FREETRACK, the devided access to the data is implemented  – each operator-client manager monitors only its own set of objects. The system interface was developed and changed during recent years according to the wishes of customers for maximum convenience. We are ready to participate in the equipment as rolling stock company and private car navigation devices and offer flexible terms of payment for services and maintenance.

 Therefore, our company has been operating in the market for GPS monitoring successfully and has proven itself as a reliable partner. Our regular customers are such companies as: CAP “Newton” PAL “Newton-Trans” Ltd. “Trans Logistic” LLC “Roshen-Grand” PE “AUTPOST” Kyiv Rus Bank, Ltd. “Metal-Transit” and many others.

About us Due to the real benefits of FREETRACK, professionalism and excellent teamwork of staff, we occupy a worthy place in the market of GPS monitoring. Sincerely,


About us