Special equipment renters

Special equipment  rentersThe opportunity to observe the actual implementation of this technique in real time, that will allow to avoid divergences in the calculation of the landlords, are given for renyers of special equipment. Along with the additional capabilities of the control the system FreeTrack is able to capture the unloading and loading of concrete and other materials, the direction of rotation of the rotor of the mixer, to determine the time of the boom of a construction crane unloading and loading trucks etc.

GPS vehicle monitoring FreeTrack excludes misuse of equipment and f and fuel fraud, provides the possibility of controlling the delays of transport with the aim to minimize them. The whole cycle of works will be under the control of the client: the actual number of hours worked each piece of equipment, its location, history of movements on the ground for a long period of time, the real cost of fuel, the exact area of cultivated fields and other important indicators.

FreeTrack offers the equipment renters the following features:

  • To track in real time the vehicle and cargo, to control in “on-line” mode the movement of vehicles and goods. The data are highlighted on the electronic map and displayed in tin a summary reports.
  • To monitor the compliance with route – setting control zones and routes for different types of vehicles on the electronic map by using dispatch software. All crossings of the borders of the control zone or detour that the system detects are immediately reported to the dispatcher of the client.
  • To identify misuse of vehicles, to prevent the drivers from the so-called the so-called “Left flights”.
  • To monitor fuel consumption, , volume of patrol refills and discharges, time and place of patrol stations.
  • To control the opening of doors of containers and cargo compartments using appropriate devices. The time and place of opening the cargo compartment or container are fixed by system which informs the responsible manager or supervisor.
  • To control the humidity and temperature in the containers or cargo compartments using temperature sensors. Due to this the system makes a report on the mismatch of the temperature regime and, consequently, makes able to view the messages in real time about the violation of a temperature mode and to review reports of deviations from the specified temperatures for a specified period of time, both in digital and graphical form.

Using the FreeTrack system the client can easily solve such an important problem in agriculture as a reliable calculation of the measurements of irregular shape fields. Through satellite, GPS data and mathematical calculations, the system will provide the most accurate information about the status of the work performed and will minimize possible errors in the calculations.

Sample reports from our system:

Special equipment  renters

Special equipment  renters