Due to changes in the order of transportation of a number of cargoes on the territory of the Republic of Poland, which oblige carriers to transfer the geolocation of a vehicle, FreeTrack monitoring offers to clients of our service, as well as to other companies forwarders, the service of pre-deployment of geolocation data from the FreeTrack monitoring platform to the platform. monitoring system SENT

O why are the requirements of the Polish side:

According to the law “On the amendment to the law on the monitoring system of road and rail freight” of 15 June 2018 All carriers undertake, upon import into Poland or during transit through the territory of Poland, of a specified list of cargoes (list of goods in the attached document) to provide throughout the route actual information on the actual location of the cargo, by transferring the geolocation data to the platform system monitoring SENT.

To do this, you need:

To have a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracker (or other device capable of detecting and transmitting geolocation data such as a smartphone or tablet) Get the SENT GEO application, which is free for devices on Google Android and Apple IOS (downloadable, respectively, Google Play and App Store).

What particular geolocation data is required to transmit to the carrier:

  • the geographical location of the vehicle,
  • the speed of the vehicle,
  • the date and time of receipt these coordinates,
  • the vehicle’s azimuth,
  • the GPS data tracker’s satellite data transmission error
  • the number of the external geolocation system (ZSL number).


Specific obligations:

Carrier: equip the vehicle with the device for transmitting geolocation data and ensure its uninterrupted operation throughout the entire route of cargo transportation in the territory of Poland.

Item: Enable the device for the transfer of geolocation data when crossing the border with the Republic of Poland, and disable the aforementioned device not earlier than the moment of delivery to the final delivery point or after leaving the territory of Poland ( in case of transit).

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NB! In the event of a malfunction of GPS equipment, which has led to a violation of the transfer of geolocation data within 1 hour, the driver is obliged to stop at the nearest parking lot.


Responsibility in the event of non-fulfillment of obligations

  1. In failure to fulfill the obligations to provide information on the actual location of the cargo listed in the SENT the carrier is charged a fine of 10 000 PLN.
  2. For non-fulfillment of obligations by the driver or violation of instructions in case of a malfunction of the transmitter, a conviction is charged a fine of 5000 to 7500 PLN.