Passengers transportation


FreeTrack system eliminates improper movement of ground public passenger transport (taxis, trolleybuses, trams,buses), force drivers to adhere to schedules and routes of transportation, will improve the quality of transport, reduce fuel consumption, depreciation expense, will increase the confidence of passengers to the carrier.

One of the main problems of public and private carriers is failure of schedules, the inability to control the exact number of passengers, no real picture of the movement of vehicles. Timeliness, safety and speed of transportation of passengers are key performance indicators. GPS vehicle monitoring FreeTrack allows you to implement computer dispatch, to achieve the most precise observance of the intervals of the route, to control the speed limit, increasing the safety of traffic, optimising routes and track fuel consumption, preventing various abuses and reducing costs.

FreeTrack provides carriers with the following features:

  • To monitor in real time the movement of ground public passenger transport, to control in “on-line” mode the movement of taxis, trolleybuses, trams, buses. The data are highlighted on the electronic map and displayed in the form of generalized reports.
  • To implement monitoring strict following of the routes and schedules of movement – the controller sets control zones and routes on an electronic map through the server software. All crossing the borders of the control zone or detour that the system detects are immediately reported to the dispatcher of the client.
  • To identify misuse of vehicles, to prevent the drivers from the so-called “Left flights”.
  • To monitor fuel consumption, volume of patrol refills and discharges, time and place of patrol stations.
  • It will help to create a variety of specialised reports
  • To control the counting of passengers – the number of passengers transported in public transport is determined using sensors counting passengers. The device is made in the form of a step, that is permanently fixed at the entrance to the vehicle and sends the data to the server when you push on it.

This scoring system allows to avoid the abuses from the drivers of public transport, who often hide the real number of passengers. To obtain a true picture of quantity of passenger, the owners of public transport are taking precautions to control passanger flow. This is due to the controller, which travels throughout the week in the vehicle and calculates the number of passengers. This method of measurement of the passenger traffic does not reflect the true picture but it will be significant for the controller, since the drivers don’t allow overflow and stop only at the designated stops. Therefore, without the implementation of the system of control it will be hard to get the planned revenue established by the owners and the difference in revenue will fall further in the pocket of “tricky” drivers.