For personnel control

FreeTrack system provides the ability to control the visits of checkpoints, movement of personnel, time spent with the customer, compliance with the routes. Control of mobile staff (sales representatives, sales agents, managers, freight forwarders, couriers) is based on GPS system monitoring when using mobile phones with integrated GPS receivers.

Sales agents and freight forwarders, sales managers, sales representatives, couriers spend most of their worktime outside the office. A realistic assessment of their effectiveness and the ability of the analysis provides reliable information about the facts of visiting of the planned outlets, the routes of movement, and the actual time spent by manager with the client.

Thanks to a special program that you install on a mobile phone, aktiviziruyutsya GPS receiver and with specified intervals determined by the location of the couriers, sales representatives, freight forwarders. Further, the details of the movement in real time are transmitted through mobile communication channels to the server. A dispatch software gives the customers the opportunity to view the visited points and the history of the movement. There are possibilities to set the control zones that are required for the employee to attend anf the manager to control.